About Por-Por’s Stories

This is a blog of personal family stories, inspired by my quest to learn more about my family’s history and to record and preserve it for future generations.

In sharing these stories, I hope to encourage others to seek out their own family narratives. Find out why family stories are important to me. 

About the Author

Yin F Lim is a freelance writer and editor based in Norwich, UK.

Having spent most of her professional life telling other people’s stories, Yin decided it was time to write her own. She recently completed an MA in Biography and Creative Non-Fiction at the University of East Anglia. Interested in food, family stories and the East Asian diaspora, she is working on a project about her grandparents’ migration from China to colonial Malaya, writing from her own perspective as an emigrant to the UK.

Yin’s creative non-fiction writing has been published in anthologies including Who are we now? A collection of true stories about Brexit, as well as in Issue 2 of Hinterland, the magazine for new creative non-fiction.

Yin began her journalism career in Malaysia writing business news and lifestyle features for The Star, an English-language national daily.  She also worked for The Edge Malaysia business weekly for 12 years when she was founding editor of Personal Money, Malaysia’s leading personal finance magazine. She was a UK-based columnist with The Edge Singapore for eight years until 2016.

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